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Robots for Broadcast Automation and High-Speed Motion Control

Camerobot Systems GmbH is an experienced supplier of robotic camera systems to facilitate work in TV studios and to enable precise camera moves for motion control. It is our aim and passion to provide excellent products and services for the separate areas of broadcast automation and high-speed motion control.

Robotic camera for broadcast automation

The Camerobot RX165Lcam has been developed for operation in news and television studios in order to create dynamic and impressive camera movements. With its utmost precision and its comfortable ease of use the robotic camera arm helps broadcasters to optimize their newscast and to establish virtual reality. In addition, software and hardware packages enable to keep costs down whilst still benefiting from the most advanced technology for news broadcast.

Robotic camera for high-speed motion control

Camerobot provides total motion control. The high-speed robot RX160 can move a camera freely in its workspace, while adjusting the lens in focus, zoom and iris and simultaneously trigger special effects with precise timing – everything managed via the powerful and intuitive graphical user interface called “RoboKam Atelier”. The high-speed robot simplifies work for TV ads, action shots and sports coverage and leads to more flexibility in film production.

Worldwide customer services

With our experienced engineers and a comprehensive package of services, we at Camerobot Systems provide dependable and professional support to our customers at every stage of a project.